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Hi all

Does anyone out there with any experience of, or recommendations for, domestic soundproofing?

We were forced to move last year by abusive and threatening behaviour from the local sports and (anti) social club (to quote the Police “the best thing you can do is move”) and have now discovered our new neighbours are deaf and have their telly on way too loud till gone 11 every night

We are simply not in a position to move again, the neighbours are not responding to requests to turn the volume down so I am looking at soundproofing options.

Any advice much appreciated



Posted 05 Apr 2011, 22:23 #1 

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They sell thermal acoustic ceiling tiles that can be stuck on with adhesive.. :)

I have done quite a few offices with them and they work very well... 300x300mm concealed are the best type-size to get... :)

You put the "glue" on the wall in blobs then just press the tiles onto it. Start at the skirting board and work up. You can cut the tiles to fit with a Stanley knife... :)

Posted 05 Apr 2011, 23:52 #2 

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Colin...unbelievably bad fortune.....forget spending money...if the neighbours are not responding to reasonable requests then have a look at the following... ... thorities/

Deafness is absolutely no excuse for anti-social behaviour....

Posted 06 Apr 2011, 05:25 #3 

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Pardon ZEB? wazzat ya say?? Auntie who's coming??? -- when? eh? eh? :confused:

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Zeb wrote:Pardon ZEB? wazzat ya say?? Auntie who's coming??? -- when? eh? eh? :confused:

See I can say stuff like that last post of and posts have summat in common.... :lol:

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