Dog bandanas! by Dave

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Gill has been trying to think of ways to make a little extra money over and above what we get from our dog walking and boarding business (a hard life - currently we're surrounded by four happily sleeping dogs!) and, as she is good at sewing, is looking to sell some hand-crafted dog bandanas. We're in the process of setting up a website for this, which we hope will do some business once she has sold a few, on a "word of mouth" basis. Trouble is, she has to sell some first, and as such, has popped up a listing on eBay. Second trouble is, there's loads of them on there, and getting prospective buyers to choose hers over and above others is not going to be an easy task :(

At present they have only been on for around 3 days, but already she is getting despondent as no-one has ordered anything.......

So, if any of you good folks are interested, or know of anyone else that might be, please have a look here. I think if she could just get started she stands a chance! :D

She's also hoping to make personalised dog beds and perhaps coats etc if she can get the ball rolling!

(small size also suitable for cats!)

Posted 13 Apr 2015, 14:33 #1 

Ok then Dave, now she has sold one

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 13 Apr 2015, 17:13 #2 

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Brilliant, thanks Paul (on Gill's behalf!)

She got a notification on her phone a short time back, and was chuffed to bits! :)

Posted 13 Apr 2015, 20:22 #3