Does anybody have a sticker from Pride of Longbridge 2012? by Bolin

I'm looking for a window sticker from the Pride of Longbridge in 2012, for a minimal cost please.

An odd request I know, here is the reason - I attended with my other car, a 35 year old classic, and I have a plaque/badge/sticker for every event that I have attended with that car, except POL 2012.

I didn't know that attendance stickers were available until I met the sticker lady at POL 2013, selling stickers to raise funds for the event.

So, does anybody have a stciker from POL 2012 that they are willing to part with for a couple of quid? Failing that one from 2013 would be OK, not sure if they are the same, my 2013 one doesn't have a date on it.

If you can help, please let me know.

Thanks, Bolin.

Posted 02 Dec 2013, 18:28 #1