Do you know - about tourer rear brake calipers? by salop75


Quick question about brake calipers.

I plan to get hold of some second hand calipers, send them off to be reconditioned and painted and then fit them to my 75.

I understand that tourers came with ventilated discs at the rear, and some saloon models also had these.

Does anyone know, are the tourer calipers for ventilated discs, different to the standard non-ventilated rear calipers? or have a different fixing or even different hub?


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Firstly, not all Tourers had vented rear discs, very few in fact.
The Diesels and 2.5 petrol mainly had them, later a option.
They are a different size to standard discs as well.

Part No:
SDB000010 Disc-vented brake - rear - £63.08 + VAT each
SDB000870 Disc-solid brake drum in £51.40 + VAT each Same now for both MK1 and MK2 originally MK1 were different.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info. I can see on Rimmers they list parts SOB100020 and SOB100030 for the lower power models and SOB100040 and SOB100050 for the higher power variants.

So i guess my question is, would the variant calipers and vented discs be a straight swap for the standard ones with the appropriate carrier, or would the swap be limited by the hub or wheels?


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As far as I know they are a direct swap but you must use matching discs & calipers as the vented disc type calipers are wider to accomodate the extra width of the disc, I'm not aware of any wheel fitting issues it was only the fronts which cause a problem
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