Differences between MkIs and MkIIs by PaulT

Looking to change my 2001 Connie SE for a MkII.

Having looked through the specs Rover it would seem that a number od standard items became options.

The specs seem to indicate that dipping rear view mirror, rain sensing wipers and cruise (to name a few) became options. There is the Connie SE pack that does seem interesting adding these items as well as sunroof but having studies quite a few adds was this ever specified.

The MkI Connie SE spec seems to have migrated to the MkII Contemporary spec. Unfortunately, I prefer a lighter interior as well as a 'wood' colour dash.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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The dash is plastic on the MkII so I'd want to rip it out and put a real wood dash in no matter what. These are readily available for around £40. I think there are some for sale on here at the moment by Messenger?

The seats are a more sporty style too in the MkII.
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Chris I assume that you are talking about the Contemporary being more sporty.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Well My early Mk2 conny SE has:

No sunroof.
Seats are similar to Mk1, but no hard back.
Rain sensing and dimming rearview.
Trafficmaster in the instrument pack.
No cruise
Wood and leather wheel.

I don't know what was standard and what was an option, though.

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