Diesel Woes by JakeWilson

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Evening all,

The battle with the tourer sold to us as 'sound' battles on.

Despite having four refurb injectors fitted, at idle and when hot the car has an injector knock style sound, also a sound on ignition that sounds like someone is taking a piss in the diesel tank (apologies for the crude metaphor.)

Dad came across something RoverRon wrote somewhere in the past about a temperature sensor on the diesels that if faulty can cause poor running?

Anyone any ideas?



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HI Jake is it the sensor on the front manifold ie MAP sensor :confused: i am at the moment getting a surge of power burst every now and then or loss of power which ever way you look at it around or from 1500revs upto 2000revs am in the process of elimination if i find anything related to your problem will let you know Arctic.


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On later models, there is a temp sensor in the pipe between the intercooler and the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve).

There's also a temperature sensor in the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor).

I'll have a look if the MAP is a combined pressure and temp, but from memory it's three pins so would be pressure only. I'll be back....

No, the one on the manifold is pressure only. The only other temperature sender than above is the water temp sender.

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Thanks gents, Dad got a new one from Rimmers (will find out which) and also fitted another set of injectors, there is a slight improvement.

He's decided however that for the time being he's ran out of ideas and all that is left is to run it, so we're going to stick it on the road and see how we get on. I'll be bringing it to the Tramway meet in a few weeks time.



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