Diesel Cruise Control Loom? by DaveyC (Page 2 of 2)

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Quick update.........

Been offered what I paid for the kit, so its been sold on. This means there will be time freed up for someones else's project at the Nano. I have an FBH (Fuel burning heater.) kit on its way to me, so would rather someone gave that the once over for me. Given the weather we have and the mileage I do, it will get far more use than cruise control. :mrgreen:

Just like to say a big thanks to everyone on here who has offered to help and given me guidance on this over the past few days, it really is appreciated. :thumbsup:

No doubt I'll be picking your brains with my FBH install.............

Many thanks,

Dave :mrgreen:

Posted 30 Aug 2013, 07:26 #21