Did I just dream it... by raistlin

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... or was there a promise by the present government of a 'Fuel duty stabilizer'?

You know, where fuel duty increases are not added if the price of fuel is 'high' :evil:

Seems to me that diesel at £129.9 as it was at my local garage yesterday is pretty close to the highest it has ever been but the extra fuel duty seems to have gone on today regardless.

Roll on Tuesday... not :(

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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You are quite right Paul, but like most of the Governments promises it disappears into thin air!

Today the Fuel Duty increase went on fuel
Tuesday the VAT increase
and then Shell etc say 5% increase due to world prices etc!! :x

Fuel here today is: Unleaded 120.9p Per Litre
Diesel 125.9p per litre.

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Government and promises ... this connection seems to be the same, always and anywhere. :(

The price for petrol is about £1.289 and for diesel £1.169 over here right now. The diesel is cheaper, because there's a significantly higher road tax for diesel powered cars in Germany.

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IMV increase in fuel costs are the main pre-cursor to overall inflation. If, excessive inflation (anything above 2% or maybe 2.5%) is the demon that all the monetary powers that be fear most, then the one solution is to keep fuel prices as low as possible. Thus allowing industry to supply goods and services at below levels creating excessive inflation. This allows industry and services to sell more, thus increasing turn over and profits, creating jobs, which in turn generates more revenue through VAT and duty and income tax. Surely that is a better way to manage the economy.
Is it just me or do others think, this, and every other government, are taking a very short sighted view. Which looks very much like they are just kow-towing to alleged climate change pressure groups, this being the case, surely better to allow people to be well fed and warm through their own endeavours than pumping huge volumes of cash into welfare for those that cannot afford so to do.
I presume and I don't mind being proved wrong, those that consider raising fuel prices are protecting their own investments in the oil and chemical industries and are only interested in how much they can make from it, personally. With little consideration for the overall effect on the rest of us, especially those on limited income.

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Governments only seem to have a target strategy to get to the next election.

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