Diagnostic Kit on Ebay by greenymick123

Seen this for sale on ebay, would it be any use fror the Rover 75?
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In my opinion, not a lot of use. It would be able to read and clear codes from some of the engine and auto gearbox stuff, but not a lot else. Certainly you could get the same kind of functionality for a lot less, but you really need a T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) to doanything much more.

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Seems to be a comprehensive , BUT ....generic Kit ..... so won't have the sneaky t4 type access to the areas you really are probably looking for ??

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Thanks for replies, not going to buy something that is not a lot of use then.......

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Also includes a pirate copy of Delphi DS150E diagnostic software... Nice.

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Definitely won`t buy then.....

Posted 26 May 2014, 08:21 #6