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Has anybody ever used Demon Shine pour over polish please?

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Posted 20 Aug 2010, 21:33 #1 

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raistlin wrote:Has anybody ever used Demon Shine pour over polish please?

I've been using the stuff you mix with a bucket of water & pour over after washing & at first I wasn't convinced but I washed my Dad's Skoda & treat it to Demon Shine & what a result :o I think it does help & certainly seems to assist drying off (smudge free)
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Posted 20 Aug 2010, 21:46 #2 

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I have and it gives afairly good finish but nothing like a proper polish.
I wash the car normally and then throw a bucket of mixture over. I have found that you still need to use a chamois to finish off, although they say you can just drive away and that's that.

It does give a goodish shine afterwards so it's not too bad really.
I bought mine at Asda when they had it at £5 for 2 containers which is enough for around 16 washes, I believe.

Hope this helps


Posted 20 Aug 2010, 21:48 #3 

Jezzer 1
I'm not quite sure it's 'Pour Over'.

I use it regularly, and I get most of the moisture off the car using a silican blade. The use the sprayer pack to spray each panel at a time, wiping over with a microfibre cloth until dry. That does give good results. Asda are currently doing the large plastic bottles of Demon Shine for £2.00 - even cheaper than the summer 'offer' of 2 for £5.00.

Posted 08 Sep 2010, 12:59 #4 

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Gren 24
Don't know about the pour over but used Demon Shine spray on shine today for the first time .Put a photo up so you can see ,looks OK.


Posted 08 Sep 2010, 16:29 #5 

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the spray on and pour on are the same thing, i used both with great results
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Posted 16 Jul 2011, 11:28 #6