'Decent Citizen' by Tourerfogey

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Please indulge me on this; after the events of the past few days I would be interested to hear your views on the definition of a 'decent citizen'.



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Don't tempt me.

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Well I can't be that bad?

But basically a person/family that has respect for the law and to other persons, who is working whether paid or voluntary and not relying on everything being given to them for free, who educates their children in taking a useful part in society and always knowing where they are and what they are doing.

Finally if anyone doesn't want to comply with British law then go to a Country that has their views/rules/laws/dress etc.

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One who contributes to society in a positive manner

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The phrase, unfortunately is oft used by people wishing to demonstrate that their own perceptions of the world...and principally other people who are not like themcan be justified by referring to themselves and those they wish to be aligned with as 'decent citizens' - even when their views of other groups / races / ethnic minorities and suggested treatments of said groups are utterly abhorrent. Happily, this place is an oasis from such prejudice and bigotry...:D

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That's Bollocks Zeb, with a capital B and was not my reason for asking at all :D

Will explain more when I'm on later.

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Wanna bet? :D

I didn't assume it was your reason for asking however...

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Tourerfogey wrote: the definition of a 'decent citizen'.

Hello :D :gmc:
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