Dashboard rattling clips missing by Grossebaby

Afternoon all,

My zt facelift has developed terminal dashboard rattle from the area around the clock, today I removed it and found that when she was built they have not put all the clips on it so I am looking for anti rattle suggestions but also for some clips. The missing ones are, the one that is screwed into the panel on the top left looking at it so I know that was missed off at the factory and the one next to it that is just located in the plastic moulding so could have fallen off.

Can anyone help?

Posted 15 Sep 2010, 15:26 #1 

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I can't help with sourcing replacement clips I'm afraid but have you also considered the other known areas of rattle such as the BCU (Body Control Unit)? The fix for that is relatively simple.

Posted 15 Sep 2010, 17:14 #2 

Where is the BCU? It isn't that this rattle but might be good to know.

Posted 15 Sep 2010, 17:22 #3 

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Behind the glove box.

Instructions:- xpdfdocuments/Car_Interior/BCU_Rattles.pdf

Posted 15 Sep 2010, 17:44 #4 

It isn't the bcu but I think that rattles a little too.

Posted 15 Sep 2010, 20:07 #5