Crofts Door Finishers (SOLD) by x10rich

I purchased a set of Crofts door finishers for my ZT, to see what they look like (and they door look very good on the 75) but im afriad I do'nt really think they suit the style of the ZT (maybe if my ZT had chrome rubbing strips?)

Very well made, high quality item, for which I was greatful, just don't really suit my car. They have never been fitted and are as they came.

So, I think it was part of the gentlemans agreement that they were offered back to club members at no profit. I have a set (unfitted) for sale for £50 delivered by recorded delivery will cover my costs.

I woudl offer them on the club website, but your not allowed to "sell" with out being a "member". So, ill offer them here :)

Payment by Paypal please,


Posted 16 Jun 2010, 09:12 #1 

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Yes please Rich :D

Please p.m. me your Paypal details and will send payment

many thanks

Full T4 diagnostics, options enabled and disabled p.m for details

Posted 16 Jun 2010, 09:18 #2 

That was quick! Sold to Russ

Posted 16 Jun 2010, 09:23 #3 

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