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my cooling fan seems to come on very quickly when I have the climate control on, it seems quite noisy to me, i was wondering if it's what I've read a little bit about with the speeds of the motor failing, my zt190 is a 2001 model so am i right in thinking that it's a threes peed fan, I've read that there might be an option to replace brushes, or to fit a newer 2 speed fan, anyone know what's involved with either and which would you recommend I do? All advice greatly appreciated :-)

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Sounds like it's doing what it should do.
With the air con on, the fan should come on straght away on the slow speed.
Look through the cowling from the front, if there's a resistor at the 2 o'clock
position you have a 2 speed fan. If not it's a 3 speed fan (unfortunately not always true
as some 2 speed fans hide the resistor out of sight)
Member Arctic will be along shortly with a much better explanation than I can give with pictures. :-D

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ok change that, ;-( on closer inspection the fan does not come on straight away when you switch on the a/c but comes on after a few seconds at what seems to be full speed!, there is no resistor at 2 o'clock, it's a 2001 model, any help please?

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It's probably a 3 speed model, where the lowest speed has ceased to function due to worn brushes. Medium speed is pretty fast and noisy, whereas full speed is more akin to a jet turbine. This is not a show stopper but eventually you will need to re-brush or replace the unit. preferably with a 2 speed unit with the gold uprated resistor or a Kenlow unit.
With the lowest speed working you would probably never have noticed it running at all.
As Dave above says Arctic is the resident specialist perhaps if you send him a PM you will get his attention.

If you are looking for a specialist to do the job for you, then contact Lates based in Rugby or, Jules based in North Wales. Or Austin Garages based in Burton on Trent.

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If the fan remains on constant then there is nothing to worry about.:)
If lower speed has failed on the three speed fan it usually takes the middle speed with it, there are exceptions to the rule on this, i have seen myself where the slow speed has failed but the medium has remained operative, very few and far between though. If the slow speed fails on a two speed fan it is usually only the external resistor.

So, if the fan pulses on and off at around 20 second intervals there is a problem. It will either mean re-brushing the three speed fan or changing the resistor if it is a two speed one. the latter is far easier but both jobs require full front end strip down if you cannot see the resistor at the 2 o'clock position as previously described, not a quick job.

Worth doing the on board diagnostics temp check via the instrument cluster, this will give you a definitive if the low speed fan is running. on the 190 the fan should come on at 100deg to cool the engine and stay on until 95 deg. :)
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takestock wrote:If the fan remains on constant then there is nothing to worry about.:)
If lower speed has failed on the three speed fan it usually takes the middle speed with it, there are exceptions to the rule on this,

Count me as an exception, mine ran on 2nd speed for months and was still when I exchanged 3 speed for 2 speed.

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Dave, on boars diagnostic check! how do I do that? thank you so much for the replies so far, very informative :-)

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Borg Warner
On Board Diagnostics:

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thanks, this looks like fun :-)

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Borg Warner
It takes a little of getting used to, but is very useful. If you do the one which checks the instruments it is quite impressive.

Gary M.

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