Computer crash with XP Pro by Bernard

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The PC auto updated from MS last night but when switched on this morning I found that it could not load the Windows profile rendering it almost useless as I cannot access any of my data or email.

I have tried rolling back to a previous check point and also have run CHKDSK for C: to no avail.

I can find all my data using DOS so I guess I will have to make sure that I have the copies and re-install Windows, something I obviously do not really want to do.

The only thing I am missing is my Outlook Express email file as I just cannot find it because it is buried so deep in the tree structure.

Any ideas?
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Posted 17 Jun 2011, 15:50 #1 

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Sorry, can't offer any help. I do feel for you though. Still finding the outwash from a problem with my work PC a few weeks ago, and it's not fun.

Posted 17 Jun 2011, 20:22 #2 

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Have you tried booting it to Safe Mode and then deleting the updates using Control Panel/add remove programs and updates?

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Posted 18 Jun 2011, 14:57 #3 

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Just about tried everything that I could find.
The file in question was corrupted and would not repair.
It's a shame that the internet throws up so many false leads when you have a problem.
Mainly using DOS commands, I have been able to get to the profile data and copied most of it into a new log-on user. Getting to the Firefox bookmarks etc. was a pain and I could not access without DOS.

I now have a usable computer but have got to download a lot of stuff. If I was at all cynical I would wonder why Chrome has disappeared almost without trace and shortcuts to Firefox etc are missing.

This exercise, which has taken several hours, only highlights to me just how badly Windows was structured and written- No surprise there then.
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Posted 18 Jun 2011, 19:56 #4