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Dave Goody
Hi guys, the other day a member on the owners club started a thread about being asked to help with community speedwatch. Thread entitled "Just been Invited" by Stevemac. I mentioned go for it as I have been doing this in my village for a while. Those who can get onto the club site have a look.
80% of members agreed with me but a few individuals called me a busybody, do gooder and a joke. I have stopped posting as some of the members comments were almost unbelievably childish. What do you think on here? PS read my posts 1st, it runs to 7 pages, Dave

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Not going to make any comment on the other thread as I've not seen it.

There have been discussions before on this forum about speeding and speed cameras and so on. I'm afraid I was a little forthright in my views as my daily drive to work is made extremely dangerous by persistent excessive speeders, with zero enforcement. Others had quite a different view. However I think although there was a differnce of opinion, there were no personal comments. I guess this reflects the opinions of the cross section of the public. Have a quick search for the thread and you'll see.

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I haven't seen the thread either Dave. I don't bother with the club forum unless somebody specifically asks me to take a look at something.

As to your speedwatch scheme, I admire anybody who does voluntary work in the community. Getting off one's arse and doing something rather than sitting comfortably and complaining, or even worse denigrating the efforts of others, shows a commitment to be applauded :)

As for being called names... being a Magistrate is a voluntary task for the local community and you'd be amazed at some of the names I get called :lol: Although it has to be said that I do have a range of sanctions at my disposal if required ;)

Speeding? Well, I think my attitude is reasonably well documented elsewhere ;)

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