Clutch kit needed by goodlittlewifey

Our clutch was not doing too well but after towing son in laws van off the motorway, (with police protecting them),Its just about had it now,
Any ideas who sells the cheapest clutch kit, Tims replacing the 2 parts and slave cylinder, master cylinder is going to have to wait a while,
we need a clutch asap as we,re going to Cornwall next week, and dont want clutch to go on route, so need one we can pick up

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Sorry cannot help with the clutch but your not having much luck lately Heather :(
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Posted 16 Jul 2010, 19:23 #2 

Everythings fine Dave x just a pain the clutch needing to be done before we go away, if Tim hadnt towed son in laws van, it might have lasted till we get back from Cornwall, we still might need to hope and pray it lasts till we get back, if we cant get one this weekend, but thats life,

Posted 16 Jul 2010, 20:02 #3 

Dave Goody
Don't leave replacing slave cylinder until later! Its in the bellhousing with the clutch and you dont want to remove that twice. Order a slave cylinder with the clutch kit and fit at the same time. Dave :D

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I don't think they are planning to do the plates without the slave. I think the master is propsed as the one to delay.

E carparts (ebay and by phone) stock everything and are pretty fast with delivery, but it's not a five minute job. To be honest I would do the master as well to make any muck in the master doesn't ruin your nice shiny new slave and bits. I know its extra work and money, but it's what I decided to do.

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