Clutch hydraulics... by Zeb

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Right, Mr Haynes he says 'with a small flat bladed screwdriver carefully prise apart the clutch fluid pipe quick release'....which of course doesn't want to work..... Looking at a new slave the join has an inner circle of 'barbs' for want of a better word, to retain the master I do not want to end up wrecking the master doing all this so any suggestions re removal options? Ta!

Posted 19 Mar 2011, 15:39 #1 

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There's a ring that you push in, as you pull the connector out. That's what Mr Haynes wants you to push.

I found an open ended spanner worked. The knack is figuirng out which bit to push to withdraw those barbs.

You will also find it easier if you push the connection in a little, then press the release collar, before pulling out.

Have a good look at your new one to see what I mean.

Edit: the release collar is on the bit that goes inside the other bit. Can't for the life of me remember if its master or slave, though.

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Thanks Duncan! That makes perfect sense! Just need to do a bit of fiddling around now to make it work... :D

Release collar should be inside the slave end....mine had popped out and travelled down the master cylinder piping...

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