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thanks guys, I,ll let you know how the surgery goes. Tim was determined to drive down to Barcelona 10 days after its done, instead of doing it the other way, but after being told off for being stupid by everyone in the family, hes finally given up on that idea

Posted 01 Nov 2010, 23:47 #21 

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Hi Heather.. :) Please give Tim my regards and best wishes, and tell him I hope the operation goes well, and that he has a swift and painless recovery.. :) :thumbsup:

Posted 02 Nov 2010, 01:33 #22 

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I'd like to echo the good wishes expressed to Tim :)

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Posted 02 Nov 2010, 06:52 #23 

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As Dave and others have said wish Tim a speedy recovery and have a good break.

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Posted 02 Nov 2010, 09:43 #24