Cheshire & surrounding area 20th March by Bermudan 75

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Bermudan 75
OK folks,

I will attend at the Hollow Tree on the 20th March 2011 for our get together. Hopefully no more relatives will decide to peg out, if they are are going to shuffle off their mortal coil, I have requested that they give me at least 28 days notice.

By the way, my deceased mother in law, was conveyed to the crematorium in a stretched Volvo.

What an insult, she loved my 75 saying it was a lovely car, liked the smooth ride, real wood dashboard etc., the Volvo had poor stitching on the leather work and the 'wood' was plastic. So I have a business plan, Rover 75t hearse to Community members.



Posted 11 Mar 2011, 18:36 #1 

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Hiya Mike.. :)

Judging from what I saw in the mirror this morning you better send me a quote ----- and soon! .... :(

Posted 11 Mar 2011, 19:58 #2 

hi mike,
should be able to attend on sunday but can`t give numbers as not sure if the wife and kids are coming!!

Posted 18 Mar 2011, 13:21 #3 

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Did anyone attend this meeting?

Just wondered as I have read nothing about it.. :confused:

Posted 01 Apr 2011, 01:41 #4