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A neighbour of mine who has the temerity to park his car in the street suffered the consequences this weekend :(

Sometime about 4:00 PM on Saturday afternoon, some scrotes were cruising around in their heap of junk and were short of fuel so they stopped by the nearest car of approximately the same age, wrenched the number-plates off, stuck them on their own heap and promptly bilked the local forecourt out of £85 worth of fuel.

The first my neighbour knew of it was when the Police rang him and asked if he owned a blue Mazda with a certain registration, to which he replied that the registration was his but belonged to his green Mercedes, which of course, agreed with their interrogation of the DVLA database.

Presumably they will do the same again, stealing another set of plates, when their fuel runs low.

Boy did they make a mess of his car paintwork as well, having apparently used a jemmy.

My neighbour told me that this sort of atrocity was rife in this area over the last few weeks with any one of five or six cars bilking fuel. Same makes, models and colours, same occupants but always different plates, according to the Police.

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With fuel at it's current price, it's little wonder that a certain type of criminal will indulge in such a crime.
Hope they come up in front of you when the old bill catch them, as they surely will eventually. :D

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It hopefully goes without saying that if you wake up one morning to find your number plates missing then report it to the police ASAP. That way any vehicle using your plates might have a chance of being spotted and stopped and the persons inside apprehended accordingly.

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I always use someone else's number plates on my car - just in case they get nicked.....

What???? :D

Posted 06 Sep 2011, 12:31 #4 

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...and if this does happen to you expect a speeder through the post too.

Posted 10 Sep 2011, 17:31 #5 

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I'm afraid I regard number plate law as a complete joke. If I want to buy a number plate, I have to provide documentation. Fair enough, it should help prevent cloning.

However, I can buy a plate which is exactlt the same, completely indistinguishable from a number plate, but is a show plate. I can put it on the car, and there is no way to tell the difference between it and a number plate. But no documentation required. It's not legal to use it, but how could anyone tell which one I bought?

Posted 10 Sep 2011, 19:27 #6 

And showing documentation is only English law - you can order from Scottish producers without documentation.

In France, by law, plates must be rivetted on.

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