central locking not working by james duffy

james duffy
hi guys hope there is someone who could poss please help ive just recently bought a 53 plate 2004 zt 190 and the central locking would not work from key or the key button but opens from the button i reset the battery thing it all worked fine took the car for a spin and then boom it all went pear shaped again has any one got any ideas i just reset it again about half an hour ago and left it locked for over night lol please help

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Hi, welcome to the community.

Firstly I'm not hugely technical myself but I believe something as simple as the remote going out if sync could have happened. If you press the lock button on the key fob several times in succession then it should re-sync the fob with the car. Hope that helps. :smile:

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Posted 26 Mar 2013, 14:23 #2 

james duffy
hi m8 thanks for the reply ive been there done that and as soon as i reset the car it all works fine till i start it then when i go to lock car again its the exact same again im scratching my head big time because of it lol

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Could be the battery in the fob is on the blink, one or more experts will be along later, probably after working hours and, may be able to offer a proper solution.

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james duffy
orite m8 thank's the two keys are doing the exact same when i reset the car by dissconecting the battery then putting it back on it works fine till i start car or put the ignition then it knocks it all off again when i turn the engine back off thanks tho my friend

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