Central Locking Actuator Refurb by Mad-Monkey

[centre]Mr Stocktech kindly gave me a door locking mechanism at the nano (drivers side to be precise) with the instruction;[/centre]

[centre]"see if you can get into that without breaking it..."[/centre]
[centre]Well not wanting to disappoint how's this...


Unfortunately there was some casualties :( This little fella...


I'm looking for a replacement now :)[/centre]

[centre]I'll take the bits out and clean them up, re-grease and attempt a re-assembly :shock: I should of took more photos of the disassembly really for the re-assembly :?[/centre]

[centre]As already identified by Dave and others in the past the motors give up the go :(


Where there's black charred stuff there's something not working right :o[/centre]

Posted 25 Jul 2012, 12:00 #1 

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Congratulations. I had a go and just broke it. I'm sure there were bits rivetted over that I couldn't get off.

But that means they can be refurbished. With luck, the motors will only need the comm cleaning or new brushes.

Posted 25 Jul 2012, 12:46 #2 

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In my experience it's not the motors that give trouble but the nylon gear and cam arrangement which isn't strong enough for the job and breaks. This has been the case with 3 out of my 4 door locks and also my tailgate lock - I actually managed to repair the tailgate lock by replacing the broken nylon part with a replacememt part I fashioned out of a piece of scrap alloy - that was when the car was about 3 years old - still working fine 6 years later.

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Well done David. :)
Perhaps with Trevors repair and yours combined you can make a permanent fix for these things.

Is the damaged thingy a cable grommet? If so should be easily available.

Posted 25 Jul 2012, 12:56 #4 

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I only took one apart, amd it was the unlock motor that was the trouble. It's second hand replacememnt is going a similar way, now. Since it's intermittent, I doubt this is a broken part, just another lazy motor.

So there's probably a mix of root causes.

Posted 25 Jul 2012, 13:07 #5 

I've not examined the motor yet, but this is the cause, everything is intact and the motor is black. The broken part is a Starlock connector and as luck would have it a standard off the shelf size. I've broke two now because I've started taking the other part to bits, I've also drilled off one rivet investigating how it works. I can file this flat, drill and tap to secure back together.

As Dave showed me Saturday the motors are the same as the VIS (Variable Intake System) motors. Haven't worked out how the worm gear comes off but I'm going to soak some parts in degreaser tonight as I'm fed up being covered in grease!

Posted 25 Jul 2012, 13:54 #6 

I've bought another 2 to make a how to. And work out how the damn thing goes back together! There's a few springs to go back in :)

Posted 25 Jul 2012, 13:56 #7 

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Nice to see your half way there David ;)

you have mail :)
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