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Hi everyone who contributed on my saga of the rattle of my Rover 75 VIS (Variable Intake System) motors. I've arranged to call to see Jules in Colwyn Bay this Friday lunchtime, and would you believe the car has now stopped making the rattling noise ?? ( it must have been the wash and polish I gave it yesterday ) After rattling like a good un for a month, I realised half way to work this morning that it wasn't rattling at all !! Anyway, I'm still going to see Jules, so he can run the VIS tester on it, plus there is still a slight intermittent scratchy ticking noise which he can hopefuly sort out, together with a general tune-up, so that it will be running as sweetly as possible if I'm going to keep it for a while.
Also, after I'd spoken to Jules on the phone and he'd described where he is, I'm 99% sure that I have actually met him before - If his partner is called Isobel, who works for the same local authority as I do, then I definitely have. Small world isn't it ?

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Aye small world, give my regards to Jules Les, not seen him for ages,

Tip: Take chocky bikkys ;) jules likes chocky bikkys :D
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The charming Isobel is indeed Jules partner, so twould seem you are on the right track innit.. :thumbsup:

Dave is right about the bikkies.. But if you don't take any for gawds sake don't mention them, Jules might think you are after one of his.. lol.. :lol:

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Please pass on our best wishes to Jules and Isobel when you visit.;)

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