Car Tax (VED) by Jumper

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Cars registered on or after 1st March 2001 pay one rate of VED and those before that date pay a reduced amount. Is the actual registration date the critical thing, or would the build date, if it was, say, 1st Feb 2001, have any significance?

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Looks like it's calculated from the registration date.

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Well I think that's just SO unfair.

Posted 11 Feb 2013, 19:08 #3 

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Jumper wrote:Well I think that's just SO unfair.

Well the later VED rates were brought in by Labour, so you have them to thank for them! :(

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It's also judged on the cars individual Co2 levels.

For example, my Mum has a 1.4 TDi Polo. According to Parkers/Autocar etc,it should be on the £35/year category. However, because our particular car emits 1g/km more than the manufacturer stated figure (according to the V5) it's in the category up!

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Jake, that might be a particular variant of the 1.4tdi rather than your actual car. I've seen something similar, the Skoda Roomster 1.9tdi is a band D. But most actually seem to be E, though I was pleasantly surprised the one we bought was a D. It will be down to something like whether you had the optional aircon or not, or even if you had a real spare wheel instead of the tub of goo and a pump. Certain models of cars, like skoda greenlines and vw bluemotions you aren't allowed to order a real spare wheel to keep the weight and therefore emissions in the right class.

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