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I understand how people feel about leaving their dog at the door so to speak with the meal situation at this event. It does make things a little awkward. I'm also hoping to come to this meet, and bring my muttly, Max. :-D I personally have no problem, but in fairness I can see Lyndon and Robs point here.

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for us to eat outside, therefore we can all be happy :) without upsetting any other customers.

Met yourselves and Xena at the last meet, and she is a beautiful and extremely well behaved animal. Much more so than my ditsy mutt. :-D

Posted 03 Jul 2011, 20:50 #21 

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as far as i know food places in general only let in guide dogs

Posted 04 Jul 2011, 21:09 #22 

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I think the problem stems from the old health and safety malarky :( No human reasoning behind some things, I would say it's fair to assume the pub owner has his hands tied over issues like this.

Posted 05 Jul 2011, 19:57 #23