Caldecotte Arms Milton Keynes, 26th August by Petetourer

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Hi all!!!!!!

Well I kinda figured that it's time for us to have another meet at the Caldecotte Arms....

Hopefully the sun will shine for us, as the location is a great setting for good weather!!!

Once again Phil-T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) will be gracing us with his presence, so All the usual T4 services will be availible along with X Power upgrades and replacement keys!!! Contact Phil-T4 by PM for further information..

Steve916 has a guy that is also offering us a great deal dependant on how much interest we get

He is offering us an Air Con re gas for just £25.00!!!! If you are interested in this at all then please make your interest known on this thread. Once we have numbers we can confirm his attendance... This is a great offer and my thanks go out to Steve916 for sorting this one out for us...

Please post your name down here if you will be attending and please also add if you will be eating So I can make sure we have enough table space reserved...

I will start the list off... Get your name down as we always have a good laugh and any new faces will be made most welcome!!!

I will add some links for the location later on as I am on the phone at the moment...

Address for this meet is...

Caldecotte Arms

Bletcham Way


Milton Keynes



Table has been booked for 13:30 For those that do not know this is a place where you order your food at the till with your table number. Try and keep to groups of 2 or 4 as you get 2 meals for £10.00

1) Petetourer -- Eating + A/C Recharge
2) Phil-T4
3) Stevesav -- Eating+ A/C Recharge
4) Steve916 -- Eating
5) Woof25 -- Eating + A/C Recharge
6) Jake -- Eating (Hopefully)
7) Gatekeeper -- Eating + A/C Recharge
8) Trophy Blue Tourer + 1 -- Eating + A/C Recharge (The Other halves car)
9) Hertsrik -- A/C Recharge
10) Suffolk Boy + A/C Recharge
11) Flying Banana -- Eating + A/C Recharge
12) Typhoon190 -- Eating + A/C Recharge
13) Colin David Day -- Eating
14) Bernard -- Eating
15) Reggie IV The Black Pearl - Eating + A/C Recharge (Also wants to chat to you Double Din Owners)
16) Chrislloydie + 1 Eating + 2 A/C Recharges (1 x Ford Galaxy)
17) Shiner + 3 -- Eating
18) Vaultsman + 1 -- Eating + A/C Recharge
19) Paul Searle
20) Testdasi -- Eating
21) Andymk -- Eating + A/C Regas
22) Mert -- Possibly Eating
23) Walbor +1 -- Eating
24) Father Christmas
25) KDA4G -- Eating + A/C Regas

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Can you please post up an address for this meet. ;)

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Oops!!! :em:

Will do it now... ;)

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Thanks Peter, I've made this topic a sticky. :)

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Thanks Mick.... Hopefully get some interest in the Ac Recharges as thats a cracking deal for us all!!

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Right the AC Re gas is seeming popular.... 20 can be done in 1 day, so there are 9 spots left... Grab them whilst you can!!

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Just under week to go guys

Still a few A/C Spots left if you fancy one....

Lets hope the weather stays good for us!!

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Wish I could use one of those spots Pete but as said will be in Yorkshire with sister and husband that weekend.
Should be a good meet.


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Beejay wrote:Wish I could use one of those spots Pete but as said will be in Yorkshire with sister and husband that weekend.
Should be a good meet.


Sorry you cant make it Barry....

Have a good weekend in Yorkshire and hopefully see you at the next one...

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Thanks for organising this meeting, Pete. I was made to feel very welcome and I had an excellent day out all round.
It was good to meet and get to know some more owners in another area.
Slightly like the nano meets in some respects as there was a bit of work going on with the T4 and aircon regassing, giving a busy feeling to the day.

I decided to ignore the satnav on the way home, relying on memory of the cross-country route that I used to use in my youth. It seems that some towns on the route have been shifted by several miles from where they used to be. :shock: :-?
Anyway, I was in the right car for the scenic route and arrived belatedly but safely home by 7:15 pm.
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Gate Keeper
Phil la T4.jpg
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Hi Bernard It was good to meet up with you. Thanks to Pete for organising everything and to the specialists who were there on hand with their skills in A/C and T4 and I should not forget the compensator fix guy...the one who had beads of sweat running down his forehead all day. He looked fit and was clearly in demand as were the other gurus. It was a good turn out with over 20 plus cars and the weather held. Next summer it could be a larger event and like the Nano meets if people could camp/hotel overnight and partake in learning mechanics :) I think it is the way to go? What do you think Pete? I hope the Nano's do not think we are copying your success. Same image has come up 3 times. Can a mod please amend. Thanks

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All the best


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Yes, Phil. I forgot to mention the compensator changing.
You can be sure that the Midland Nano meeters will be flattered by the desire to copy their success. ;)
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