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Borg Warner
Sadly neither a 75 nor ZT but something to supplement the ZT I already proudly own. Have been searching the market for a decent car to allow me to semi-retire it, had to go to the local tip yesterday and it hurt to see a pile of rubbish in the boot and across the half-leather. I want to keep it for many, many years so would like to reduce the wear and tear.

Anyway I want a 4x4, preferably an auto and have seen one not too faraway which ticks the boxes, however it's at the top end of budget so my question is; how do I negotiate the selling garage down? I have to admit I'm pretty useless at this!

Advice and guidance gratefully received and appreciated.

Posted 09 May 2012, 08:34 #1 

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Without knowing the car and the price of the car, it's difficult to guess what margin the dealer has built into the price. However not having a trade in (which is often something the dealer would not particularly want and he'd need to pass on quickly) puts you in a good position for a discount. So check the price guides and then decide exactly what you are willing to pay and then bid below this. As an example I would expect to get at least £1200 minimum off the screen price of a £10k car unless it's something that's very popular and sells easy, though even then the dealer will have considered that when setting the screen price.

Anyway, that's what I would do - others may expect less ... or more ...

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Borg Warner
So around a 10% discount on the screen price? Don't think what I'm looking at is that popular; it's a V plate mk1 Rav4, auto as well which could play in to my hands.


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Check it's actually a 4WD then as many Ravs are only 2WD if I remember right.

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Borg Warner wrote:So around a 10% discount on the screen price? Don't think what I'm looking at is that popular; it's a V plate mk1 Rav4, auto as well which could play in to my hands.


It may be arund 10% on a £10K car but it depends on the screen price - as an example a friend of mine recently bought a Vauxhall Omega which was up for £1800, he got it for just £1425.

I shouldn't think a V plate RAV4 with an autobox would appeal to too many punters - what's it up for?

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Gate Keeper
Are you a mechanic?
If you are then you will know how to check a car out?
If you are not, find someone who is or ask them if you can take the car to a workshop to have it checked out. You can look at the car from the rear bumper side view on to the front to see if the body is in alignment. Look at the body work to see if it has been resprayed, the doors might be a shade lighter, as in accident damage.
If you are really interested in the motor and you find fault with the car, then you ask the dealer/seller to carry out the repairs first, or add them into a reduction in the price.
I went through this myself recently and saw different 4x4s all used. Some turned out to be old dogs! I eventually settled on a Mazda 2.7 Tdi Double Cab Bakkie 4x4 with diff lock. It was a 2000 year model with 240,000 kms on the clock. The A/C worked I took my own advice and had it checked out. I kept the dealer waiting for 2 weeks until he kept calling me to do a deal. I have to say, I did not trust the dealer (long story I won't go into). He went back on his promise to carry out repairs as it needed new ball joints and an oil seal needed replacement. Nothing major. I bought the car and took it to a mechanic I trust. He did a major service and did the repairs all in for about £250. I needed a 4x4 urgently in the end for farm and mountain work, so compromised.
I hope I have given you a few pointers based on my own recent experience.
All the best


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Borg Warner
It is a 4wd, but will check. It's up for £2k so not mega money. Wife's got a 3-door manual version and doesn't touch it apart from annual service etc.. Unlike the ZT!!!! When I bought it just over 2 years ago I think the garage saw me coming. Water in the boot, dodgy tyres, FOC waiting in the wings, and leaking T-piece. All this from a so called MG expert (still have a very bad taste over this - long story and likewise). Talk about heart ruling head. This time swmbo will be coming with me so as to rein me in. As a bonus she's also a bit of a petrol head so knows what she's looking at with a car. Lucky old me.

Thanks for the pointers guys,

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