Breaking 2001 CDT in Zircon Silver...FREE bits....NOW GONE by bassman

5 years ago when I scrapped my BMW, I got around £300 for the price of scrap is much lower and theyre offering around £70 for my CDT.

Ive taken off the PPD bits and the new rear box, new o/s caliper, Bosche MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) and a few other bits. All the above PPD and other mentioned bits are for sale.

The doors and bonnet/boot lid are all rust free.

These and the rest of the bits still on the car are free if you wish to remove them, all I ask is that if for instance you want a door, you replace it with your old door...(Engine bits and interior bits neednt be replaced)

Car will be gone by the end of the month(could even be earlier), but you're welcome to cannibalise it before then....

I am situated on the A183 between the A19 Sunderland and the A1 at Chester-le_Street

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Is a saloon or Tourer?

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Sorry....its a saloon.

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Auto or Manual?

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UNFORTUNATELY...........Its now gone....

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