Brake day today by dattrike

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Finally got the 1.8T back from son no4 last friday (Gone back to Norway until November)
Brake wear light on and door open light on :( So...
yesterday removed bumper and slam panel and replaced bonnet switch.
That cured the door open light. :-D
Today, early start at about 8:30 am front jacked up and front discs, pads and wear sensor replaced.
Pads found to be half worn but inside pads had very strange wear pattern,
only half of the pad both sides in contact with the discs :confused: .
Moved on to the rear discs, near side pads only a quarter worn, but replaced anyway
off side pads worn almost to the metal backing and wear sensor worn causing the wear sensor light on. :confused:
Pushed the piston back easily and adjusted the handbrake whilst replacing the discs (much easier with the calipers off)
replaced the pads and sensor, put it all back together, quick road test and everything back to normal :-D .
So... why did some previous owner not change the off side rear disc and pads along with the others?? :confused: :confused:
Anyway all fine now after 5 hours (age and arthritis not conducive to fast working) :-D
Time to enjoy a cold beer :cheers:

Posted 08 Jun 2014, 14:18 #1 

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Hi Dave.
Nice productive Sunday morning/afternoon are the pistons on the calipers working smooth, due to the unusual wear ? I agree adjustment much easier with the disc drum off that's how I do mine when they need doing, well earned beer then Arctic .

Posted 08 Jun 2014, 14:27 #2 

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Hi Steve, all the pistons were easy to push back, I can only assume pads only changed on the fronts and rear near side
without changing the discs. Obviously off side rear not done.
I always change the discs every second set of pads anyway just for peace of mind.
Mmmm beer tastes nice (not usually a lager drinker, but San Miguel 660ml bottles 3 for £5 at Tescos, rude not to)

Posted 08 Jun 2014, 14:43 #3