bonnet catch by dreamster

having tried to open the bonnet on My 260 I find the cable slack and the bonnet firmly shut.How do I open the bonnet and replace the apparently broken cable ???

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You can get to the cable junction box via the headlight bulb access panel in the driver's side wheel arch Peter. A deftly wielded pair of pliers should then allow you to grab the twin cable inners having first flipped the junction box cover off. A sharp pull on the cables should provide sufficient force to pop the bonnet. Subsequent re-assembly of the junction box would be a good time to do the mod to prevent the same thing happening again. Well known problem with these cars :(

Having re-read what I've put above it all seems perfectly clear to me but that's from the standpoint of having done the job myself on more than one occasion. I hope I've made it sufficiently clear for you :)

Welcome to the forum btw :)

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