Body Work Prices by Mad-Monkey

Can anyone tell me approximately how much I should be looking at paying for a spoiler respray and fit, and boot lid respray??

I had prices up to £400+ which seems a bit steep! If thats the right price I'm obviously a tightass!

Posted 01 Jun 2010, 20:20 #1 

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I would have thought about £200 max myself? My local garage would charge about £150 for that work...

Posted 01 Jun 2010, 20:35 #2 

I thought about that when I got the spoiler but was a bit gutted at the prices I was getting, thought I'd have to sell it on!

Cheers Zeb, I'll keep looking for someone!

Posted 01 Jun 2010, 20:45 #3 

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The place where I got VeeKay sorted out is cheap as chips and excellent quality David.

Might be worth the trip over to Wolvo?

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 01 Jun 2010, 22:24 #4 

Judging by the prices round here, it probably will be. Just depends how long it takes to do the job etc... because of work. I'm ok to leave the car, it's just picking it up and dropping it off thats the problem, if the price is good then it will be worth the hassle mind!

Posted 02 Jun 2010, 08:35 #5