Big brother is watching... but I was impressed. by raistlin

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I was en route to home from work on the M54 this afternoon when all of a sudden both lanes slowed to a 2mph stop-start crawl.

Idly wondering, I pressed the recently installed SmartNav button and immediately, a voice said "How can I help you Paul"

I said, "I've just found myself in a traffic jam and I was wondering..."

Before I had a chance to say any more she said "You're on the M54 between junctions 2 and 3, heading Eastbound Paul. The cause of the delay is a large HGV which has broken down on the hard shoulder and the Highways Agency have coned off the inside lane for safety.

From where you are, you should clear the obstruction in 6 to 8 minutes. If the delay will cause you problems is there anybody you'd like me to phone to make them aware?"

I was gobsmacked :lol:

Now that's what I call service :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 04 Aug 2014, 20:02 #1 

I always liked doing it with passengers. Always sounded like I had a crack team of people assisting my drive like I was royalty :)

Posted 05 Aug 2014, 12:23 #2 

Paul did she also tell you what was for dinner and your delayed arrival will not spoil it :)

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 05 Aug 2014, 17:14 #3 

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The scary thing is, I actually read that to myself in the voice of 'Hal'. I don't think you should do that, Paul.

Posted 05 Aug 2014, 19:18 #4