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kai herb wrote:01527 517601 was the main switchboard number if you still want it.

David Wilds is their CEO

What a world of declining standards we live in. I posted that I’d keep an update on progress of this debacle so read on …

Mr Wilds PA sent the usual ‘model answer’ email advising my complaint was being dealt with blah, blah, blah. Then today, the head of their Call Centre emails me, .. they are going to tell me how to return the item – (which I’d clearly explained had already been done!)

Also the girl who was so rude initially is leaving at the end of the month … “(due to a completely unrelated reason)” – she’s probably going to head up Robert Mugabe’s PR division!

In this response they end …

…“I would like to assure you that it is never our intention to cause distress to our customers and we appreciate when our customers take the time and trouble to contact us, so we can take the necessary steps to ensure it doesnt happen again”…

My reply to Mr. Wild’s PA was as follows;

"I have today received an Email from ‘Samantha Cund’ Contact Centre Team Manager.
(Content attached):

Clearly she did not have my letter to comment upon, or has been poorly advised of my complaint. This is axiomatically apparent as I did explain I had already returned the item!

What a poor piece of public relations to have a factually incorrect 3rd hand reply, sent by Email, from a subordinate.

Mr Wild has probably never seen my original letter and is unaware of the way this matter is being dealt with by his employees.

In my days as a director of a Public Company, I may have referred a complaint downstream to gain knowledge of the argument, but ultimately the reply was always by surface mail content, and personally signed by myself.

It cost nothing in reality, but at least purveyed the sentiments of empathy and respect to someone who had troubled to write in and pay the cost of a registered letter to do so?

Ongoing was the parallel benefit of not becoming insulated to customer comment.

The words of Thomas Aquinas probably sum up this whole chapter viz;

For those who understand – no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t – none is possible …

Just action my refund, please,

Yours faithfully, and in disappointment" etc etc

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