Battery Removal/Fitting by stroheim

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Changed the battery and found it very difficult to get a 13mm socket on the clamp as the strapping got in the way.I don't know if the fitting bolt is standard also I noticed that the battery case holes have been elongated by the previous owner or garage. What is the standard method of fitting

Posted 28 Jul 2011, 08:23 #1 

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Sounds standard, but never had any trouble myself. The webbing shouldn't be in the way of the bolt, though.

If it's a 13mm head, then its probably the earlier long bolt which should be dead easy. My later car has a short bolt but I think the head is 10mm.

Posted 28 Jul 2011, 10:28 #2 

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Hi that makes sense then 10mm head would give clearance, had the clutch done about 18 months ago and the garage couldn't have put the correct bolt back

Posted 29 Jul 2011, 15:15 #3