Battery Clamps Loose The Fix by Arctic

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I have noted that a few members have complained of their battery clamps not holding tight onto the battery positive & negative posts, therefore i hope this little how to will help to rectify that problem for them.
Remove both clamps from the battery using a 13mm ring spanner, once you have them both removed undo both nuts fully wothout removing.

Now you have the clamps removed and the nuts fully undone, open the clamp ends with a screwdriver as in Fig 1/2


Make sure you have opened the clamp fully Fig 3/4


With the clamps open you can now refit the clamp to the battery post pusing the clamp fully down to the bottom of the tappered post, tighten the nut up with your fingers only at this stage. Fig 5/6


Now that the clamps have been hand/finger tightend you can proceed to nip them tighter with the 13mm ring spanner slowy until you feel the nut go tight, stop there do not carry on tightening the nut if you do all you will do is make the clamp become loose. Fig 7/8


These clamps do not need to be tightend by the Hulk, this should sort out those clamps that are loose, do a visual and finger check maybe once a month if you so wish but they should not come loose cheers Arctic.

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