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The past 7 days have been frustrating to say the least. After having to perform my first emergency stop since passing my driving test nearly four years ago last Thursday for someone not looking on a roundaboout. Following someone doing 30 mph in a long 40 limit ( which I don't usually worry about as you can't overtake on that road) with someone behind me flashing their lights yesterday and tailgating me :mad1: and several other motorists not stopping when the obstacle is on their side of the road and glaring death at me as they force me to stop when my lane is clear, as A Im a young person driving such a car and B I am in their way!! It just worries me that we share the roads with such half wits who don't appreciate that driving can be enjoyable and that sensible people are being bullied into making rushed decisions (over taking, pulling out etc.) and causing accidents, or being crashed into by others who are in too much of a hurry to set off 10 minutes earlier and get there in one piece. It just seems that people are forgetting the basics of driving and thinking too much about themselves rather than the other road users. I now have to drive thinking that people are now not going to stop at that junction or obstacle. If I didn't enjoy owning my car I'd probably give up driving, for one thing it's costly and for the hassle of just driving 5 or so miles into Lincoln it's not worth the risk of being crashed into.

But then I think sod em, I'm in a car with bucket loads more character than what theyre driving, why should I give that up?

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RichardGarner wrote: I now have to drive thinking that people are now not going to stop at that junction or obstacle.

Not a bad approach. Assume every other driver is a numpty, and it will be less of a surprise when they are.

It still surprises me though, quite how bad some are!

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I'd also add that if everyone else is impatient then they'll be the one's that come unstuck whilst you keep your cool and avoid dangerous situations. If you don't think it's safe to overtake or pull out from a junction then the simple answer is don't. It's your car and your life (plus your passengers) so ultimately the decision is yours to make. Don't get bullied and you'll stay safe and well :thumbsup:

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I have to say though, I've made some errors in judgement whilst behind the wheel. They've probably upset me as much as the other person involved . :em: It is extremely annoying when you're on the receivng end of someone elses spetacularly rubbish piece of driving. :mad1:

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Saw a car the other day with a large sticker in the rear:


I thought 'must get one of those.

I do slow down when tailgated. Some get the message and drop back so I speed up and they stay a safe distance behind. If they do not drop back and stay back then they make very slow progress.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Yep! it also frustrates me at times on how many silly mistakes are made on the roads, I 'm sure some folk must drive with their eyes closed. :shock:

Only yesterday a car pulled out in-front of me causing me to brake harshly while swerving out of the way onto the other-side of the road so to avoid hitting him, if it was not for my quick actions and it being dry then we would have hit each other for sure.

I still cant believe that I manage to get out of the way as he clearly pulled right out in-front of me literally taken up the whole lane, I'm so thankful that no vehicle was coming the other-way as this gave me the maneuver I needed to avoid the collision otherwise I would have ploughed straight into him.

I must say the 75 performed beautifully under the heavy breaking, she felt totally solid and effortlessly glided out of the way like she was floating. The best car that I have ever driven under those circumstances, actually she is the best car that I have ever driven full stop. :clap:

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Rather hoped that this thread was going to be about a certain 1970s rock group - alas it wasn't, so:-

It's all down to arrogance. Unfortunately it doesn't stop at driving. It seems to me that the male population (and to some extent, the female population) is becoming more and more arrogant in general attitude as time goes on.

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Unfortunately the tailgater doesn't usually get the message. Luckily though, it does usually mean they pass you and they are out of harms way. This evenings muppet did actually back off, though. unusual for a driver of that particular marque (no you don't need to ask which Bavarian Motor Factory it came from).

Oh, and I did wonder about the rock music angle from the title, as I have heard of them. I think OH may even have some msuic by them.

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PaulT wrote:Saw a car the other day with a large sticker in the rear:


I thought 'must get one of those.

I too have seen a few of those and yes I do slow down when people tailgate me, I mean I'm quite happy driving to the conditions and when possible to the speed limit especially with the ongoing war on speed. It's just cheesed me off that it's been one hell of a week and I've not been anywhere. That said I went to an agricultural show on Sunday and got followed out of the car park by none other than the twin of mine :) What are the chances?!

Tourerfogey wrote:Rather hoped that this thread was going to be about a certain 1970s rock group - alas it wasn't, so:-

I have got their first ablum on CD, but as it's a very early CD from 1990 or something modern cd players don't sometimes read the disc so I might have to resort to downloading it. I was introduced to Bad Company along with a few others courtesy of the old Alice Cooper breakfast show on Planet Rock radio

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I find the electric rear blind sends a great message. If flashed from behind I just raise it, must send the other driver nuts :-D
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