Aviation - 29 June by Bermudan 75

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Bermudan 75
29th June 1962

The prototype VC10 had it's first flight 51 years ago today

Still in service with the RAF although due to retire before the end of the year.

Still lookin good showing it's Vickers pedigree.

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Pity B-Cal broke it. Interetsingly G-ASGD suffered a similar accident in antigua however BA elected to have it repaired, after which it used noctiably less fuel than the rest of the Supers in the BA fleet. It was also this accicdent than meant it was not avaialble for the queens tour of the pacific (as it was the A/C normally reserved for VIP duties) and G-ASGR was used instead

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Shame they were a little too heavy to be economical. Once the hot and high airports started building big runways for the 707 the vc10 had no advantage.

Also BOAC being so anti British aircraft at the time due to being force fed so much rubbish meant one of the best British airliners missed out on true success.

Still at least the tsr2 was successful :-P

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