Aviation #12 by podge

Its that Vulcan again!sent to me from one of my vtts chums..........this time I think whoever was in the left hand seat had a damp patch somewhere after this,a tad low on his final turn and you can see him realise his error,luckily those Olympi spooled up rapidly...the poor guy filming probably has titinus now!!HEADPHONES ON WIND HER UP AS LOUD AS YOU DARE!!!!!!!

Posted 30 Dec 2011, 20:52 #1 

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Borg Warner
That's low. Was he aiming for the cameraman?

Posted 01 Jan 2012, 13:55 #2 

No!!!at 0.38 you can see him sinking as he has flared too early,luckily he was absolutely on the ball and winds open the throttles!!

Posted 01 Jan 2012, 21:41 #3 

Some experience for the person videoing it - pure power

PS in the Mail on Sunday story about a US bod - ex airforce who did not relish the prospect of becoming a Harrier pilot. He is now the only private owner of a Harrier and cannot understand the UK giving them up.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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