autobox upchange speeds by dirtylane

I have a 2003 75 2ltr tourer cdti BMW engine.Does anyone know at what speed or revs each gear should change at(not the sports)

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No definite change up speed or revs as it depends on a number of things such as throttle position sensor. They do hang in gear a little longer when cold though.
Do you think you have a problem?


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I have noticed that on one of the few stretches of flat straight roads round here that it changes from 3rd to4th at about 50 mph and from 4th to 5th just before 60 mph (normal driving)

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It's an adaptive gearbox. So over time it will adjust to your driving style. Driving gently will result in lower revs.

Therefore I always switch into sports mode, when I know in advance that I'll need a kick down. That way the economic mode won't be influenced.

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