ATS Wolves and the exhaust back box bracket happy me by sewerman

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Well the exhaust bracket holding the back box to the car corroded through as they do, so I decided not to go for a new exhaust but change the bracket.

Rimmers have them in stock for around £43 for both halves, Ebay had both parts for around £36 or a rusty looking second hand one for £28.

So I decided to do the rounds of the local exhaust centres in Wolverhampton.

The first 2 local places said no can do on a new bracket their not made, quoted for a new exhaust back box £120/£90 respectively.

Kwik Fit - cant do anything till we've seen it on a ramp mate be about 30 mins - so drove on to the local ATS

Helpfull chap knew what I was talking about - phoned the supplier - same story, new back box. But he phoned another supplier and hey presto they had the brackets in stock and he quoted me £30 fitted. So I got him to order it and went in yesterday to have the work done.

1.5 hrs later and after all 4 fitters were standing under the car it was done :-D only thing is they fit it backwards (prongs facing forward not back so its around the rear of the box not the middle) which is why I think they had a problem, showed me under the car what they had done and its all solid so for £30 i'm well happy.

Not normally a great lover of these commercial garage places but Wolverhampton ATS were very good this time.

Also the company that they used to supply the bracket was Andrew Page dont know what they would charge the non trade for the part but worth a ring if anyone is looking to get a new exhaust bracket.

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How can i get the rubber bushes on my exaust back box

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I recently purchased one from the following seller ... 25a90ad6f6

If it's any help.



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