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I was wondering if anybody was aware of this?

My breakdown, home start and recovery policy was due with the CSMA and the price keeps going up and up, partly for membership of the CSMA which I don't want and a CSMA magazine which I throw straight in the bin.

The breakdown service though, is, in my view second to none and is provided by Britannia Rescue, not that I've ever needed it for VeeKay ;)

Anyway, checking on-line, ASDA breakdown could do it cheaper than CSMA, and with the option of monthly payments AND their agent is... Britannia Rescue :)

So I got the same comprehensive package at about half what the RAC and AA charge, with a service from BR which has always been top notch.

Worth a thought in these straitened times?

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Good help advice there Paul for those considering this type of service.

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According to my colleague who has worked extensively for a local breakdown company who recover for just about all the nationals, Britannia are the best. They rarely get the details wrong and push the recovery company for results on time.

Some of the other well-known nationals frequently misplace the broken down vehicle by a county or more leading to big delays.

I have been with Britannia for some years and have used them a couple of times, found them very good.
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I fitted a Synergy and therefore came away from M&S insurance and went via Adrian Flux and one of the divisions of L&V for insurance last time with breakdown insurance arranged by AF.

Well, I seem to get smoke with the Synergy and have turned it off and this has prompted me to think about going back to M&S so got a quote. It came to £361.44. This includes:

Legal protection
Vehicle breakdown cover with RAC, UK and European
£350 excess
Protected NCD

Seems excellent to me.

I once hired a van and took it down to the SW France and had to arrange my own breakdown insurance which I did via RAC. SWMBO was not proved wrong, the van did breakdown in SW France - I was nicely positioned in a bulders merchant when the thing decided to expire.

The RAC was excellent. Called their European call centre in Lyon, a breakdown wagon was sent, could not repair the van so took it back to their workshop. RAC phoned and said they would get me a hotel. Expalined that our house was about 50 miles away so they sent a taxi to take me home. Phoned a few times about arranging car hire which I declined as it was not needed. When the reapirs were complete they sent a taxi to take me to collect the van.

Having experienced that level of service I was a little reluctant to go away from them and with that level of cover and the total premium that M&S want I will be back to them at the next renewal.


Editted to add that the insurance was for 25,000 miles pa, wife as named driver and business use for both of us.

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