Anyone want a Nimrod? by Cowley_MOA

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Superabit omnia virtus

Posted 21 Oct 2010, 16:52 #1 

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Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would like a Nimrod aircraft. There is one for sale on eBay currently and since I've been a very good boy this year then I think I deserve one.

Do you think anyone would notice if I parked it on the roadside in front of the house? :? :gmc:

Posted 21 Oct 2010, 17:35 #2 

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I know where there's another eight up for grabs :evil:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

Click the image to go to Nano-Meet Website

Posted 21 Oct 2010, 18:19 #3 

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well at least we know who to ask to get the ultimate remote fitted to them.....

Posted 22 Oct 2010, 13:05 #4 

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Can you get a diesel auto version? 8-) :)

Posted 23 Oct 2010, 01:19 #5 

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SpongeBob wrote:Can you get a diesel auto version? 8-) :)

As an aside - did you know the moon landings were fuelled by diesel? :shock:

Posted 23 Oct 2010, 18:16 #6 

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Nope, I didn't know that.. But then you could fill a large library with info on things I know nothing about... :? :roll:

Posted 23 Oct 2010, 21:57 #7