Anyone interested in a 51 plate Connie CDT Auto by anvilman

I saved this car from the breakers with the intention of fitting a replacement auto box (which I have) as the 3rd to 4th gear change slips (common prob, could even be a piston) It drives well otherwise, engine is sound, the autobox works ok when cold as well but starts slipping when its warmed up (Poss oil change) The only reason I am selling or looking at selling this is because I am running out of time and space. Would be looking for around £1100 for both the car and the gearbox. If you look at my gallery you will see its the dark blue one. If you are interested please get in touch fir more info. I know I could break it and get that as much buit the car is too good to scrap!. Jim

Posted 25 Mar 2012, 17:11 #1