Any ideas what is going on here guys.......... by podge

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I have just noticed that when I veiw my pictures on this laptop,that the veiw when looked at with"best size for this frame" is o.k but always seemed a tad softish(screen on max resolution),the jpegs from a Nikon D700,so a little disapointing.Now,if I select "show full size",then go back to "best fit".BINGO!!!!....RAZOR sharp image!?..any ideas why this happens?I will try and post some up,especially if you like aircraft

Posted 13 Aug 2010, 20:04 #1 

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Definitely a rendering issue there. What software are you using and on what machine? Could be something fixable or it could be a flaw within the architecture of either the software or hardware - hard to say at this point without more info. Sorry... :(

Posted 14 Aug 2010, 17:56 #2