Another reason why I love my car by raistlin

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I had an appointment in Birmingham today and, for convenience, I went by taxi.

However, returning, I couldn't justify the expense and so caught a train from New Street to Wolverhampton.

My god. How do regular rail commuters manage?

This was a mainline train, not a local service. The seats were so small even Kate Moss would have had too broad a beam. The back of the seat in front was six inches or so from my nose. The view from the window was restricted to approx one foot square.

The best bit was the 'train manager' though. No sooner had the train begun to move when the very worst of 'Hi de hi' voices announced that his name was "gary ***** and that he was going to be with us all the way" Further, "I will be available to you for interface at any point in your journey today"

Oh god, you had to have been there :hissyfit:

Then the trolley dolly got on the PA:- "Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available from the mobile catering facility. All major credit cards accepted"

You need to consider the use of a CREDIT CARD?... for a COFFEE? and yes, the 'mobile catering facility' was... a trolley.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to work, in my own time, under my control, in the comfort of an armchair, being able to see where I'm going, in peace and quiet.

Thank god for VeeKay ;) :lol:

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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As you say, I don't know how people commute thus. I suppose that the bus is even worse.
I haven't been on a train since I left regular employment and then it was cushioned somewhat as we were allowed to travel first class. :P
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