annoying rattles by spy45

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2.0 litre V6 KV6. When starting up after a few days standing the noise is quite loud. In days of your it would be described as tappets. After a few yards all quietens down and when hot the engine is quiet enough for people wandering in the road do not hear my approach. I tried an engine clean on the last oil change and it seemed to work for a few days BUT it is back. I had heard that certain types of oil filters can be to blame, allowing oil to drain back into the sump. Uses little or no oil, oil changes every 2.500 to 3.000 miles which is about every 4 months. 10W40 semi synthetic. PLEASE any advice. I will cough to being a Rover 45 owner but then I do have a decent engine. As you are the V6 people and most 45 owners have no idea that some are fitted with a V6.

Posted 23 Aug 2014, 14:59 #1 

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It will still be the tappets, its just that they are self adjusting these days. On other engines I know of, the seals in the tappets harden, and you get this. My 1600 VW engine does this and needs new tappets.

I did hear there may be some additive that can sort this problem, but no idea if thats right and if it works.

Posted 23 Aug 2014, 16:50 #2