Android 10 inch Epad tablet MID PC with keyboard case + 4Gb by CDTi

This is a Zenithink ZT-180 Android Tablet and features a 10.2" touch screen interface allowing you to watch movies, play games, listen to music, view documents and surf the web etc etc.

It is a few months old and in perfect condition with no marks or scratches. I am selling as I need to buy an iPad for work.

It is running on Android 2.2 with the latest ROM (0603). More information on the ZT180 and ROMs here:

• CPU: Genuine 1GHz ZT-180 CPU
• Operating System: Android 2.2. Will also run Windows CE or Debian
• Browser: Google Browser & SkyFire Browser
• Android Market: Working
• Memory Capacity: 256MB
• Nandflash: 2GB
• Color Display: 10.2" TFT LCD with Resistance Touch Screen
• Resolution: 1024x600
• I/O Ports: 1 x Standard USB 2.0 & 1 x Mini USB OTG
• Audio output: 3.5 mm jack, integrated speakers
• Audio input: built-in microphone
• Networking: 802.11 Wireless b/g & 1x Mini Network Port (for Ethernet)

The tablet comes with a mains charger, ethernet adapter, stylus, unused headphones and a new screen protector.

Also included is a keyboard case and 4Gb TF card. The keyboard case effectively converts it into a laptop.

Price £150 delivered to the UK. Payment via Paypal - please send as a "gift" to keep costs down.

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Price reduced to £140.

Posted 25 Jul 2011, 21:47 #3 

Price reduced to £130. Final reduction.

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 22:57 #4 

Now sold.

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We I'm glad you sold that as each time I came on I would see it and get tempted :)

What iPad are you getting ?

Posted 28 Jul 2011, 16:36 #6 

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kandyman wrote:We I'm glad you sold that as each time I came on I would see it and get tempted :)

Aye, me too
Photobucket = Tossers


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Thanks for the interest guys.

I didn't actually sell it. I got a very good swap for a brand new Nokia N8. So now I have to sell the phone :-D.

Andy - I already have the iPad, its a refurbed iPad 1 from the Apple store. While the hardware is brilliant, I don't really like IOS. Android is much better IMHO.

Apparently it should soon be possible to put Android on an iPad. I had an iPhone 2G for a while and I had it dual-booting on IOS and Android.

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