And we think..... by Zeb

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Posted 08 Oct 2010, 08:47 #1 

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The world has gone mad - so we harvest wind power to run the tumble dryers to dry clothes that could be dried by, let me think, oh I remember, hanging them out in the wind!

Posted 08 Oct 2010, 09:39 #2 

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When I got my shirt wet messing with my lil pond, I hung it out to dry.. 20 mins later it was completely shredded at the bottom and had a lil white dog swinging from it.. :o :( :hissyfit:

Posted 08 Oct 2010, 18:22 #3 

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Few weeks ago, I would take the washed clothes from the washing machine, then hang them on the rope on my back balcony. 15 minutes later, they were stiff dry due to the weather here (was 45°C :shock: ).
I miss you a lot Samarkand!

Posted 10 Oct 2010, 11:45 #4