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Evening Gents,

I wanted to take a few minutes to come online and post my apologies for not having been on here a great deal of late and for not contributing to the community that has in the past and will continued to be, a wealth of knowledge throughout the ownership of what has now been three cars and a great sense of banter.

I've realised that my presence on the other side has become more business, than of pleasure and that as well as forgetting to post threads of upcoming meets on here, I have not been posting in general. For this, I apologise and want to make clear that such occurrences have only been out of my own absent-mindedness and annoyance with things over there and nothing more.

Whilst away at the national the other weekend, certain members on the other side made unfair and accusatory comments about members who tend to stick to this forum, who I defended as I felt it was not right for them to be accused of one, things that were wrong and two, when they weren't present to defend themselves. (The look on some peoples faces when I told them that members such as Carl (Zeb) and Mick have had brunch at my house is another story all together! :D ) I found myself shocked at how militant some people can be and that they should be in a club/community for the cars over everything else.

The list of people I could thank for their help, support and friendship who frequent this site is long and I hope you all know who you are. I would, however like to thank Carl, Martin and Mick in-particular for everything over the past few years, I would never have thought one could make such friends through a car club, but safe to say these are friendships I hold amongst some of the closest to me.

Apologies in short for those who read this and think what the chicken pie.... in short - sorry for the absence and you'll see me around more often.



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Thanks for setting out your thoughts and feelings here.
There are some as you say "militant" folk on the owners club. They are all entitled to their own opinion, albeit founded on half truths and innuendo. Your presence here is always more than welcome.

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Jake remember the chat we had going over to Carls the other week, I am very sorry to hear that the small mindedness of which we spoke has shown it's face. What they wont/can't understand is that you genuinely like both forums, and as you rightly say the cars bring us together and the friendships that come after are icing on the cake. I know I to have made friends, good fast friends just from owning a type of car.......... you are a good, decent chap with firm morals and values you will rise above thier petty childish squabbles.
I will and am wearing my COMMUNITY badge with pride and thank you Jake for your openness and candor DO NOT LET THEM GET AT YOU.

Chin up old bean :thumbsup:

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Having spent a pleasant day among friends at the nano-meet on Sunday, the fact that there are still those who espouse ignorance, intolerance and a continuing bigotry seem to find it necessary to inflict their poisonous views on others who don't conform to their narrow-minded stupidity, saddens but does not surprise me.

Having been on the receiving end of the vitriol of those whose insecurity doesn't allow them to live and let live on the club forum, I am quite familiar with the fact that, for some, the truth should never be allowed to get in the way of gossip and innuendo.

Unfortunately, while the senior management continue to tacitly encourage such behaviour, nothing will change.

Jake, having been banned from their club, I find that I don't miss it at all, and the occasional report that the status quo is being ruthlessly maintained suggests that my indifference is more than adequately justified.

Here's to continuing friendships with those who come from any forum and for whom, the enjoyment of the cars and good fellowship by far outweigh the petty bickerings of those whose paranoia will always limit their horizons.

The nano-meets have always been, and, I hope, always will be, ecumenical in their welcome to those who admire and enjoy our cars :D

Nil carborundum illegitimum (for the benefit of some) Jake ;) Pity them, laugh at them, marvel at their perfidy and breathtakingly smug arrogance, but don't let the bastards grind you down mate :)

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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To be fair, I spent the day at the club's national meet and did not hear any disparaging remarks about this community or, in fact, the owners club, which I saw as a positive thing. There will always be people that whine, on both sides.
People call me average, but I think that's mean!
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish.

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Jake. I see no need for you to apologise.

I realise that certain folk have been pushing your tact, diplomacy and good humour to its limits. I realise also that this is in no small part due to whom you choose to associate with. :shock: :? I am sorry that you have had to take the brunt of their ire. That said, I think your friendships are robust enough to withstand such venomous onslaughts from, what can only be described as, 'the usual suspects'.. :lol:

Whilst I understand your reasons for not going into details over what was said I do not see why you should have to carry the weight of their comments. These characters really do need to grow a pair (Sorry sexist phrase I know...) and make their comments about me to me, not you, or anybody else for that matter! I will try to ensure they are given that opportunity in the near future. In the meantime I will say only this to these individuals... 'I bite my thumb at you....' ;)

The vast majority of active members on both fora are genuine enthusiasts who have shown themselves to be thoughtful, considerate, generous, supportive and genuinely 'good' people whom I hold in high regard. I include in that number many whom I have frequently disagreed with too! Quite a number of you I would also consider good personal friends...which is not subject to you driving a particular car or being in any particular club!

So Jake, as Martin says, don't let the buggers get you down...and don't let them hinder you from doing what you want to do for the members / friends who do appreciate all your efforts. So, looking forward to seeing you about a bit more... :thumbsup:

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Thank you all gents for your kind words, they means alot.

Although the comments made whilst away at Wiltshire (Sorry Steve I should have made clear that some of these were made on the Saturday infact.) were only small and incredibly ill-informed and childish, they were just the icing on the cake of issues I have with events and individuals over there and after a week of stewing, the POL thread over there yesterday just pushed me over the edge.

I am looking forward to spending time over Easter and Summer, enjoying the cars and I hope getting the opportunity to meet those of you who I have not yet had the pleasure.

Since buying my first example, this marque has always been my escape from it all and especially with the latest aquisition, I've no intention of letting a few idiots change that.

My best wishes to all!


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That's the spirit. :thumbsup:

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

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raistlin wrote:Here's to continuing friendships with those who come from any forum.

Couldn't say it any better myself.

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the whole situation is a sadness to me :shock: i see no reason for you to feel at fault if others are stirring things with ill comments about this group :? i do not understand most of this at times almost a civil war..... fair to say what i do know it is sad that cars fans are acting at times in ways not in the best ways of human kind :angry: i hope that things will calm down and that the ill will can give way to nicer thoughts..... but not yet i fear .
i plan to be involved in both groups and a lot i know are in both groups , i have met Mick a few times and played with his frizzbe :D and i have met many who are in both clubs who i wish to keep contact with... i don't know of whom you had these ill comments from or the context they where made . i spoke to you the odd time through the day at the national meet but not at the time of the comments . i remember well the breakfast at yours where Mick / Zeb and me went which was a very good day, a very good day . it was a group of cars fans not a group at war :cheers: I'm sure what ever you do in either group will be of worth and i hope you are not put off by the few who seem to want to be at odds with others for some reason beyond me :confused:

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Unfortunately when the right to reply to such wild accusations on OC such as destroying the Database etc from management team these things will rise up.

Here on the Community we welcome members that want to frequent as many Forums and Clubs that are out there for these wonderful cars, but here we hope the lack of restrictions, charges and the Social feel and mellow style will make people just respect each other.

Thanks for your time.

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

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